SPT Layzner 1-38 batch (featuring ACR)


SPT Layzner

Well, we got there in the end…after 5 years. The ending’s noticeably rushed, but that was beyond the staff’s control, a major sponsor pulled out. If you want to see how the 1999 arc was supposed to go, I recommend the OVAs.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this series, Blue Comet SPT Layzner is a tale of the Cold War interrupted by an invasion of aliens very similar to humans, but more advanced technologically. It’s from the director Ryousuke Takahashi, who is most famous for the Votoms series.

In the batches below are both the ACR episodes (using the Lupin Gang scripts) 1-8, as well as the /m/subs episodes 9-38.

DDLs in a mega folder

Project history and some staff comments below the cut

Officially the project started on the 22nd of January 2009, first post in the forum thread was on January 27th. The first 8 episodes we did, 9-16 were based on the Lupin Gang scripts with a fair bit of cleanup, 17 onwards was from scratch. First episode credits lists:

Raw Provider: Iriliane
Translation: Lupin Gang, sasword, starseeker, UK Windom
Encoding: starseeker.

Of which 2 members would be on the credits for 38, but I think I’m the only member who’s been on every episode. Over the course of these 5 years we’ve had 6 people doing translation duties of some sort, sasword (9-22), starseeker (9-38), Iriliane (9-23), Chokutsuu (22-24,26-30), UK Windom (31-38) and Ametuchi (28-38); Timers have been R-Blade (18) and Gunlord (19-38); Editing/QC’s been LN, DrugLordKai and ObsidianTK over various episodes. In hindsight it makes the team look smaller than it felt, though sub-ninjas making people vanish was certainly a thing.

Anyways, some comments from team members I could get hold of and were willing to comment.

UK Windom, Project Founder:

I remember I started the project, and /m/subs by extension, on Jan 22nd, 2009. Back then, there were only 8 episodes of Layzner subbed by ACR, and an anon pointed out that there are untimed scripts for the next eight episodes. Since nobody wanted to do it, I end up learning how to time in Aegisub, timed the whole thing, and posted on /m/. I used the moniker /m/subs because I lack creativity, and it leads to the forum being formed, and so on, and so on. Within the next few years I somehow end up learning quite a good deal of Japanese, so I asked starseeker if maybe I can somehow help, this time on the translating side, she said yes, fast forward a few months, and here we are.

Yeah, I know it took over five years, and god how many ‘jesus /m/subs is so slow’ remarks with it. (also ‘/m/subs never finish things’, but that’s another story for another time) But here we are, it’s finally done. The last few episodes may be a real mess, but I hope you enjoy the ride.

Gunlord, enthusiastic timer:
Fansubbing and Virtue

But, this isn’t the end. If/when nice raws from the Blu-rays show up, we’ll probably go back and fix episodes 1-8, and some of the quirkyness of some of the older episodes.

For other updates we have our IRC channel: #/m/subs on irc.rizon.net, as well as the Twitter feed https://twitter.com/M_subs, which is a mix of official news and snarky comments.

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56 Responses to “SPT Layzner 1-38 batch (featuring ACR)”

  1. rego Says:

    A huge thank you guys for the great work, im a huge fan of msubs and always mention it on my anime podcast anime82. Layzner is finished, you did it msubs!!

  2. gunlord500 Says:

    Haha, I was gonna repost my “Fansubbing and Virtue” essay somewhere, but you already reblogged it. Thanks, Star 😀 I’ll repeat what I said there: I’m glad and honored to have been a part of making the world a better place for /m/echa fans, even if I only played a small role. And thanks for sticking with the translation and never giving up, even after so long ❤ ❤

  3. gunlord500 Says:

    Reblogged this on Gunlord500 and commented:

    After 5 years, it’s finally done…

  4. korol Says:

    >If/when nice raws from the Blu-rays show up

    Some raws were uploaded on U2 a few weeks ago. No BDMVs yet though.

  5. kudosforce Says:

    Well, I’m glad that you have finally seen this journey to the very end.

    To think that this, the very first /m/ Subs project, has finally been completed after all this time. Certainly, a lot of things have happened in the meantime. Although you did attract much mockery, I’ve always had some glimmer of hope that, maybe, you would be able to pull through. That you’ve lasted in spite of everything is a mark of a truly dedicated group, and I’m thankful to see this.

    With that being said, I’ll be looking forward to Dragonar and whatever else you might have in store. Good luck!

  6. Mike Farrow Says:

    Thank you so much for doing this (and other things you’ve done)!

  7. Ryvius Says:

    Group hug. SIEG MSUBS!!! Thanks a lot guys.

  8. Light02 Says:

    Hurray one series who people thought would never be fully subbed is complete congrats /m/subs and thank you for your hard work

  9. Fraggoth Says:

    Thank you all SO MUCH! Words can not do this justice!

  10. Luurah Says:

    It does my heart good to see a super robot show finally subbed to completion! Thank you so very much! Now, I can begin my Layzner marathon! 😀

  11. Marky Divi Sion Says:

    Thanks for your contribution. I hava a list of mecha animes that you could sub like (AstroGungar, Govarian, Yuusha Raiden, Saikyou Robo Daiohja,Galactic Hurricane Sasuraiger). Do you have plans to translate any of these? It would be amazing! Thanks again for your work.

    • starseeker Says:

      Raideen’s on my to-do list, Sasuraiger will probably be done by Crinn after Baxinger. Beyond that I’m not taking requests.

      • Mike F. Says:

        Another group started doing it from the first episode but kind of ruined it with all sorts of wildly exaggerated animated subtitles during the fight scenes that got in the way of the animation. I’ve enjoyed your previous episodes!

      • Somebody Says:

        Oh, I thought you were doing Dragonar before Raideen.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much for finishing this. I’m glad you stuck with it and it’s nice to see people fansubbing stuff that actually needs to be fansubbed. I am off to marathon this like hell. Thank you!

  13. servantofpriss Says:

    You guys did a great job with Layzner. Congrats and success on your other projects.

  14. fakar Says:

    havent watched any episodes yet but just started to download and i have one question about the series and the ova.

    so episode three of the ova is supposedly some sort of alternate true ending that a lot of people prefer over the original in the tv series.
    so if you want to watch it with the ova ending should i watch all 38 episodes first or should i skipp the last or the last few episodes?

  15. kyled Says:

    Congratuma-freakin-lations! Seriously, it does a heart good to see this anime completed and I’m sure it must be a great feeling to everyone who contributed. Thank you for choosing to pick up a constructive hobby like this. Hope you will continue to have fun fansubbing, because with each episode of a classic mecha subtitled we all get a little closer to nirvana. *hummmm*

  16. Orgun Says:

    A massive well done and thank you for completing the fansub of Layzner. It’s a true classic and I hope you continue to fansub other classic mecha shows.

  17. KReeP Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for not giving up! All of you have done an outstanding job on the series. As a long time SPT Layzner fan (I still have an old Japanese-only VHS of eps. 15-16 that is nearly 20 years old) I was just happy that there was any of it subtitled at all. Great that I can finally watch the all if it to the end! Thank you.

  18. Shidoni Says:

    WOOOOOO CONGRATS!! Thank you guys for your hard work!!

  19. Kellhus Says:

    Anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor about the heaters killing people and the sponsor having to pull out because of lawsuits regarding that?

  20. Blob Says:

    Hey guy’s your done!

    Would you consider doing F?


    The raws are here: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=515280

  21. click for more Says:

    Information like this needs to get out to the public, thank you for it.

  22. Dark_Crono Says:

    Just a heads up that the Blu-ray raws are available here: http://arearaw.com/bdrip-%E8%92%BC%E3%81%8D%E6%B5%81%E6%98%9Fspt%E3%83%AC%E3%82%A4%E3%82%BA%E3%83%8A%E3%83%BC-aoki-ryuusei-spt-layzner-jsum-86-23g/

  23. Ryvius Says:

    Just finished it. The journey is great, but that was depressing in a sense that it’s the worst rug pull of any cut anime I’ve ever seen.

    Eiji, we’re still waiting. ;_;

  24. Karim Says:

    It Might be little late to Say that ,,, yet I Truly Loved the Way You Finished The Layzner Episodes ,,, been following it since 3 years I Guess ,,
    Would Like To thank You All For your Every Single Effort made for that
    Truly I’m Waiting Raideen ,,, Wish you All The Best Guys ,,,

  25. The American Dragon Says:

    Did you guys ever do hardsubs of 26-38?

    (Also: MEGA is malfunctioning lately.)

  26. davidccrowley Says:

    Started the torrent, but checked it later and saw that the OAVs are not included in it! Thanks for finishing this series which I first started watching back in the 1980s!

    • starseeker Says:

      Yeah it’s a TV series batch. OVAs are in the mega folder for DDL though. Nice to see a proper oldschool fan though.

  27. Zain Says:

    Thanks for completing this project. Any chance we’ll see a batch for the BD version (the raws are currently out there) even if it is only for the m/subs episodes? (9-38)

    Once again thank you for your hard work over this past few years.

  28. jammarian Says:

    Fyi, some anon in a /t/ 80s anime thread recently ripped and re-translated the first 8 episodes for the new Mozzi2 release.

  29. ramadhanhaq Says:

    You guys are rock!!

  30. David Kerekes Says:

    Good to see this is still here.

  31. dogwoggle Says:

    Is it possible to find the subs by themselves somewhere? I’ve come across bluray quality RAWs that I’d like to use them for.

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