Stuff currently missing in a post-nyaa world


So it’s been a week since nyaa upped at disappeared into the void of dead websites and I’ve attempted to do a stock take of the damage.

Stuff I don’t have and can’t find/can’t get and is worth saving:

[Bro-Lord] Mozaika  Located

[Bro-Lord] Votoms Alone Again Located

/m/subs Kamen Rider X Five Rider vs King Dark Located

Great Mazinger vs Getter Robo G Located

Great Mazinger Versus Getter Robo Located

Mazinger-Z Versus The Great General of Darkness Located

If anyone has any of these files, they would be much appreciated. Also yell if I’ve forgotten anything.

13 Responses to “Stuff currently missing in a post-nyaa world”

  1. Cat Clan Says:

    I have [mSubs] Great Mazinger vs Getter Robo G (HQ-H264)(M74)[DB1C92CC] if need. Just let me know how do you want me to send it over.

  2. obachan (@chaosagent23) Says:

    I have [mSubs]_Great_Mazinger_VS_Getter_Robo_(HQ-H264)(C7F8E39E).mkv if you would like it uploaded.

  3. IRQthe Cat Says:

    I have uploaded the Kamen Rider X.!DtAzCAQB!wfq_lNDjwDJlQ5WlVfCJsnbvokUJCdkIMTfAcr1Peck

    Hope the link works.

  4. Ricardo Says:

    What about Mazinger Z vs Ankoku Daishogun, Its aleady missing

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