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Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 27: Meeting! Dragonar’s Commando Unit!

February 26, 2018


It’s been a while, my friends, but Episode 27 of Metal Armor Dragonar is comin atcha! Check it out:

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Enjoy 😀

Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 26: Fearful Gun Jem!

December 30, 2017

terrified giganos toadie

Whew! Sorry it took so long, my friends, this ep would have been out sooner but I got caught up in the holidays! I was playing too many video games to enjoy the Christmas season, and Starseeker got me a present on Steam (Stellaris DLC!) so I was goofing off when I should have been timing, haha. But I’m back in business, bringing you the next episode of Dragonar!


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As always, enjoy~

Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 25: The Plan to Remodel the D-Weapon!

October 24, 2017


This episode took a bit of time too, but thankfully not as much as the last one 😀 Pampurio’s on the ball though, he’s making a lot of progress on the Italian, and Sky’s gotten started on the next episodes, so hopefully, as always, we’ll make quicker progress.


Direct Download

Also, just for fun, here’s a reaction image template taken from this episode, it’s amusing and I figure you guys would be able to make some use of it, haha:


Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 24: Shanghai Great Escape!

August 28, 2017

panda-chan panda-chan


God damn, it’s been ages, my friends ;_; I’m sorry it’s taken so long, there was a tidal wave of personal things for me to take care of as well as matters with the project. Gorge got hit by a lot of work and personal stuff, so he had to bow out, which meant that I had to spend time looking for a new Italian…and that was hard to do, because I was so busy with working on my dissertation! ;_; But, thankfully, even though a year has passed, I managed to find a great new Italian translator! Say hello to Pampurio, my new friend I managed to find who has very graciously agreed to help me with Dragonar 😀 😀 😀 So without further ado, here are the links:


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Enjoy, guys!

Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 23: Confrontation with Meio Plato

September 23, 2016



Direct Download

Damn! It’s been a while, guys, but I’m finally back! I’m sorry for taking so long, but I’ve been working on a super huge essay (I’ll be posting it up on my personal blog,, sometime today or tomorrow) ever since I got back from my trip, so that ate up a lot of my time. I’m putting the finishing touches on it, though, which means I finally have some time for Dragonar! 😀 Just three things to note here:

“Naruto” is NOT a translation error, it’s actually what those little fish cake things are called. Look it up:

“Oideyasu” is Kansai dialect.

Finally but most definitely not leastly, thanks to sky79 for doing the Japanese translation before Starseeker looked it over for QC! You made Star’s job easier, thanks so much~ ❤ ❤ ❤

I’ll see y’all around next time! I got another trip to take in early October, and it’s a doozy (after that I need to work work work on my academic project), but I’ll try to work on Dragonar as much as I can. Wish me luck ;_;

Metal Armor Dragonar, Episode 21: Misson: Capture the Enemy MA!

July 22, 2016

Sleepy Rose


Hey guys! Gunlord again. Sorry for taking so long with this episode, I was busy with a lot of stuff this month, ranging from helping out some Kamen Rider friends of mine with a little bit of timing to getting sick ( ;_; ) to preparing for a trip. I’ll be going on that trip on Sunday (Yay for North Carolina~), but before then I wanted to get one more Dragonar ep out. So here’s episode 21 for ya! Hope you enjoy:


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Metal Armor Dragonar, Episode 20: A Offshore Reunion

July 1, 2016

See you in 5!

Hey guys! First, sorry for the long wait and not getting an episode out last week–Star and I both had a lot of stuff come up; I had to write a lot of emails and such, and Star’s job had some important deadlines. But things are a little cooler now, so I finally found a bit of time to make the proper uploads 😀

Second, as you can tell from the screencap, at long last we have a proper sub of one of Dragonar’s funnier moments. Wish as luck as we continue onwards, hopefully we’ll get to the infamous I’LL SEND YOU TO THE NETHERLANDS scene sooner rather than later. And without further ado, here are the goodies!

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See you next time, friends!

Metal Armor Dragonar 19 – Aerial Weapon Platforms, Dragonar

June 13, 2016



Sorry for being a wee bit late, with the next ep of Dragonar, brothers and sisters. I’ve been working on an extremely lengthy book review on a fairly abstruse subject and didn’t want to work on anything else until it was almost done. Fortunately, it is almost done (just gotta put the finishing touches on it), so I thought I’d work on Dragonar a bit!

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Enjoy, everybody~

Metal Armor Dragonar 18 – The Blue Falcon’s Surprise Attack

May 28, 2016


Obari Dragonar

(Just about) another week, another episode of Dragonar 😀 Here’s episode 18, The Blue Falcon’s Surprise Attack!

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Enjoy, everybody!

Metal Armor Dragonar 16 – The Wrong Uniform

May 11, 2016


Joyful tidings today, friends! First, here’s the next episode of Dragonar–the main difference between the Italian and Japanese versions is that “Billy’s” name is changed to “Dee Yang” in Italian for some reason.

Direct Download


Secondly, thankfully, I’ve managed to find another translator! Everybody give a big round of applause to That One UK Windom Loving Anon! 16 was done by Starseeker, but 17 and onwards will have his name on the credits. Hopefully this should make things go quicker ;D