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Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 24: Shanghai Great Escape!

August 28, 2017

panda-chan panda-chan


God damn, it’s been ages, my friends ;_; I’m sorry it’s taken so long, there was a tidal wave of personal things for me to take care of as well as matters with the project. Gorge got hit by a lot of work and personal stuff, so he had to bow out, which meant that I had to spend time looking for a new Italian…and that was hard to do, because I was so busy with working on my dissertation! ;_; But, thankfully, even though a year has passed, I managed to find a great new Italian translator! Say hello to Pampurio, my new friend I managed to find who has very graciously agreed to help me with Dragonar 😀 😀 😀 So without further ado, here are the links:


Direct Download


Enjoy, guys!

Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 23: Confrontation with Meio Plato

September 23, 2016



Direct Download

Damn! It’s been a while, guys, but I’m finally back! I’m sorry for taking so long, but I’ve been working on a super huge essay (I’ll be posting it up on my personal blog,, sometime today or tomorrow) ever since I got back from my trip, so that ate up a lot of my time. I’m putting the finishing touches on it, though, which means I finally have some time for Dragonar! 😀 Just three things to note here:

“Naruto” is NOT a translation error, it’s actually what those little fish cake things are called. Look it up:

“Oideyasu” is Kansai dialect.

Finally but most definitely not leastly, thanks to sky79 for doing the Japanese translation before Starseeker looked it over for QC! You made Star’s job easier, thanks so much~ ❤ ❤ ❤

I’ll see y’all around next time! I got another trip to take in early October, and it’s a doozy (after that I need to work work work on my academic project), but I’ll try to work on Dragonar as much as I can. Wish me luck ;_;

Metal Armor Dragonar, Episode 21: Misson: Capture the Enemy MA!

July 22, 2016

Sleepy Rose


Hey guys! Gunlord again. Sorry for taking so long with this episode, I was busy with a lot of stuff this month, ranging from helping out some Kamen Rider friends of mine with a little bit of timing to getting sick ( ;_; ) to preparing for a trip. I’ll be going on that trip on Sunday (Yay for North Carolina~), but before then I wanted to get one more Dragonar ep out. So here’s episode 21 for ya! Hope you enjoy:


Direct Download


Metal Armor Dragonar, Episode 20: A Offshore Reunion

July 1, 2016

See you in 5!

Hey guys! First, sorry for the long wait and not getting an episode out last week–Star and I both had a lot of stuff come up; I had to write a lot of emails and such, and Star’s job had some important deadlines. But things are a little cooler now, so I finally found a bit of time to make the proper uploads 😀

Second, as you can tell from the screencap, at long last we have a proper sub of one of Dragonar’s funnier moments. Wish as luck as we continue onwards, hopefully we’ll get to the infamous I’LL SEND YOU TO THE NETHERLANDS scene sooner rather than later. And without further ado, here are the goodies!

Direct Download


See you next time, friends!

Metal Armor Dragonar 19 – Aerial Weapon Platforms, Dragonar

June 13, 2016



Sorry for being a wee bit late, with the next ep of Dragonar, brothers and sisters. I’ve been working on an extremely lengthy book review on a fairly abstruse subject and didn’t want to work on anything else until it was almost done. Fortunately, it is almost done (just gotta put the finishing touches on it), so I thought I’d work on Dragonar a bit!

Direct Download


Enjoy, everybody~

Metal Armor Dragonar 18 – The Blue Falcon’s Surprise Attack

May 28, 2016


Obari Dragonar

(Just about) another week, another episode of Dragonar 😀 Here’s episode 18, The Blue Falcon’s Surprise Attack!

Direct Download


Enjoy, everybody!

Metal Armor Dragonar 16 – The Wrong Uniform

May 11, 2016


Joyful tidings today, friends! First, here’s the next episode of Dragonar–the main difference between the Italian and Japanese versions is that “Billy’s” name is changed to “Dee Yang” in Italian for some reason.

Direct Download


Secondly, thankfully, I’ve managed to find another translator! Everybody give a big round of applause to That One UK Windom Loving Anon! 16 was done by Starseeker, but 17 and onwards will have his name on the credits. Hopefully this should make things go quicker ;D


Metal Armor Dragonar 14 – A New Start

March 29, 2016


It’s been ages, friends, but I’ve finally gotten back to work on Dragonar. I suppose some explanation is in order for why this is taking so long–don’t blame Starseeker, it’s all me ;_; I’ve been incredibly busy with my dissertation for the last year or so, but happy day, I managed to send in a rough draft of it to my professors last week! When they get back to me with the revisions they want I’ll probably be too busy to work on Dragonar for a while again, but until they do, I figured I should try to get as much Dragonar done as possible. In that spirit, I present to you episode 14:!BUcxzZDC!IgBy64MUEh2n_8KiBxIYRCZ7zK1QPhQhSeX_WXe3ez4


P.S: As she’s mentioned before, Starseeker isn’t a big fan of Dragonar and is only translating for it as a favor to me. While I’m very grateful to her, I don’t want to burden her more than necessary, especially since she’s working on other stuff. If any of you Dragonar fans know Japanese, or know anyone who might be interested in translating this series, give me a ring, me and Starseeker would really appreciate it 😀

Dragonar 13 – Shooting Star

May 2, 2015

Dragonar team



Happy day! Dragonar is NOT dead, my friends! It’s been quiescent for quite a while, certainly, but it’s time to pick things back up! Some things to note:

1: Sorry it’s been taking so long, but I have been super busy IRL ;_; I’ve had to take orals exams for grad school! I’ve written about my travails here:

Well, as you can tell from that last entry, I managed to pass! Woo-hoo! And what this means for you, brothers and sisters, is that I can get started on Dragonar again. 😀 😀 😀

2: Brought up by an anon from /m/, this time I have the Japanese sub and audio set to the default 😀 You can switch to Italian audio and subs easy enough, though.

3: On that note, a brief translation thing: The song Kaine sings near the end of the episode is a Japanese rendition of an English poem (“Dreaming of Home and Mother”). The weirdest thing, though, is that they didn’t even try to dub it in Italian. In the Italian audio track, he just starts singing Japanese when he was speaking Italian a second ago! So yeah, that’s pretty weird. Anyways, from Gorge’s notes, the Italian translation is more literal, while Starseeker chose to translate the Japanese to keep it closer to the original English poem. Man, so much cross language weirdness…

Anyways, that about does it for today. I end this entry with one request: Does anybody have Japanese closed captions for Dragonar? I’d heard GARlock had them, but I emailed Garlock and he never responded. I wonder if he’s still around…;-; If anybody has Japanese closed captions for Metal Armor Dragonar, can you PLEASE tell me? It would make things soooo much easier! ;_;

Dragonar 12 – Land of Norway

February 13, 2014

I suppose it’s a tradition, at this point: Sorry for the wait, everyone! But I do have a new episode of Dragonar for you, and of course in better news, I assure you that Dragonar is chugging along faster than these releases imply. Gorge is actually done with episode 21 and starting on 22 in terms of the Italian translation. We’re just waiting on Starseeker to finish up with Layzner (only 1 more ep to go!!!) and then Dragonar should come out faster 😀

Anyways, in this episode there’s food, fun, and a Giganos attack…all in Norway! Everybody loves Norway:


Man, I love Starseeker and Gorge’s little back and forth in the translation notes. As always, ITA-ENG sub track is white, JPN-ENG sub track is yellow. Anyways, come get it here.



Lastly, this is the first episode that has some particularly interesting translation-related tidbits, so I’ll start putting our TL-notes here in these blog posts, where I’ll note changes in the Italian compared to the Japanese and how Gorge decided to translate some idiomatic Italian phrases. Putting TL-notes in the subs themselves is annoying and distracting, but keeping them on the blogpost should be useful for anyone who’s interested. I’ll also x-post these notes to my own blog ( and the /m/ thread.

1: At around 4:38, Light’s grandad is “Chelmsford” in the Italian but “Vermont” in the Japanese. In general, there are a lot of name changes to minor characters, like episode 11’s “Van Daan” was Reinhard in the original.

2: An interesting Italian cultural tidbit! At around 5:36, we translated line 136 as “Look at all this food!” Out loud, though, you can hear Ken say “Quanto ben di Dio.” Dio = God, so he’s literally saying “How good of God!” This is an idiomatic phrase, though, and not really religious in meaning. As Gorge told me, “[it can mean] “What a feast!” or “This looks fantastic!” or “Look at all this food!” Any number of phrases that basically mean everyone’s looking at a bunch of tasty stuff. It’s kind of like “saying grace” but more immediate and ecstatic.”

In general, Italian has many idioms and colloquialisms that reference God, which reflect the country’s history as the seat of Catholicism for many centuries. Nowadays Italy is a modern and secular country, though. So while these turns of phrase still exist, in most contexts they don’t really have any religious meaning and are just general expressions of good will, much like how English speakers will say “bless you” if someone sneezes without meaning anything religious.

3: At around 7:10, when he says they’re minors, they could actually drink if they were in Italy, where the drinking age is lower.

4: At 7:26, when Ken says “come on, I insist!” this is a bit of Italian etiquette. It’s actually impolite for the guest to accept an offer immediately, he or she must refuse once, then accept when offered again. Actually, given the Japanese is the same, I wonder if it’s a cultural thing in a lot of countries.

5: 7: 35, Rooney is literally telling Ken he “has a mouth full of milk,” i.e he’s a baby, so the meaning is that the Sergeant thinks Ken is too young for real beer.

6: 12:19: The “ready to cook spaghetti” line is a reference to how you put a bit of salt in the water before you boil pasta. As Gorge told me, the Italian dub mentions food a lot more than the Japanese. It’s very Italian, in that sense. XD XD

7: At 17:47, after Light says he’ll take care of the missiles, he says “Tu va tranquilo.” Tranquilo is a cognate (word that’s the same or similar in both English and Italian), so he’s literally saying “you’ll go peacefully/with tranquility.” The literal translation doesn’t make much sense, but the intent is that Ken won’t have anything to worry about because Light is keeping the missiles off his back. So we translated it as “I’ll cover you.”

Generally, this is another interesting characteristic of Italian from a translator’s perspective. The language itself isn’t too hard: The grammar’s not that difficult and both languages have a lot of shared vocabulary. Italian has many colloquial and idiomatic phrases that can’t be translated directly, however, which is usually where the trouble lies.

That about does it for this episode. The next should come…eventually. ‘Till then, though, can I ask a favor: Does anybody know how to get in contact with GARlock? I left a comment at but I dont think hes there any more. I remember him saying he had Japanese subs for the series, which would help a LOT (Japanese is a language that’s much easier to translate from writing than by ear). I haven’t managed to get in touch with him, though. If anybody has his email address or something, that would be great ;-;